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Will Apple be presenting a 5G iPhone in 2019?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

'5G' is the name of the game, and right now all of the major service providers are trying to play it.

While there is a race to establish the fastest, quickest, or most efficient 5G network, many of us are also concerned about what phones we can expect to use with the 5G connection. iPhone's in particular.

It may be a little obvious that we will not be receiving the pleasure of 5G on the already released iPhone's, but can we expect the iPhone 11 lineup to utilize these fast speeds?

I don't know about you, but I am overly excited about the release of Apple's next series of iPhone's. At the same time I get this excited for all of Apples's releases.

With all of this talk about the 5G network progression and the iPhone 11 being right around the corner; I can't help but to think about how amazing it would be to have my iPhone 11 Max set up to run on a 5G LTE connection.

I don't wanna lead you on any longer so I am just going to spill the beans. It's rumored that a 5G iPhone isn't expected to release until 2020. I know... bummer right? But.. maybe this isn't such a bad thing.

Here's why...

Apple is likely to release the iPhone 11 and 11 Max in September. (duhhh...) But if you think about it, the evolution of a 5G connection will still be fairly new. That means a lot of loose signals, dropped calls, and messages you may not receive until the next year. So would you want to have this experience with your all new iPhone that you have been waiting all this time for? No, of course not!

Maybe it's a smart move by Apple to wait until the 5G network is well balanced and stable, before they move up the chain to their next work of art.

On another note, it seems that we can expect a high chance of Apple releasing a 5G iPhone next year due to records of Apple's partnership with Qualcomm.

Apple is suspected to be using one of Qualcomms chips for their iPhone's in 2020, which more than persuades me that we will definitely have 5G iPhone's next year. Qualcomm actually already has a 5G chip that's finalized, known as the X50.

Qualcomm is also reportedly working on another chip called the X55 that is expected to be available for us later on THIS year. The chip is designed to support all major frequency bands. In addition, the X55 will be more power efficient than the previous version. What that means is that it won't be drawing as much energy or having as much of an energy impact on the battery.

So as you can see... Apple will have an abundance of options to get ready for the world of 5G. With that being said... Apple should have no problem with being able to guarantee an iPhone 5G to us no later than 2020.

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