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Sony buy’s Destiny 2 developer Bungie for $3.6 billion – here’s what we know

SO…. it seems like we have been having quite a bit of action going down in the gaming world lately! With Microsoft buying game developer giant Activision and even the New York Times buying one of the most popular games called Wordle, tech giant Sony could not let another day go by without taking a piece of the pie. And a rather LARGE piece of pie I should say!

Sony has made such an astonishing announcement to us all, that they have plans to acquire Bungie for $3.6 BILLION DOLLARS! Bungie is another well-known game development company, popularly known for one of the BIGGEST games to EVER hit the shelves.

That’s right …. DESTINY.

Sony buying the development company that created Destiny, is an ENORMOUS acquisition plan that will likely make gigantic tremors in the gaming industry.

Bungie has quite a portfolio, dating all the way back to year 2001 where they helped the Xbox platform by being the initial developer of the Halo series. With their ongoing achievements and advancements with Destiny/Destiny 2, it will definitely become a very huge asset to Sony.

CEO and Chairman of Bungie, Pete Parsons, stated that he sees Sony Interactive Entertainment as “a partner who unconditionally supports us in all we are and who wants to accelerate our vision to create generation-spanning entertainment.” Parsons also explained that he believes that “creative independence” remains at Bungie’s heart. “Today, Bungie begins our journey to become a global multi-media entertainment company.” This sounds like nothing but REALLY GOOD THINGS to me!

Sony buying Bungie is an extremely big move because it naturally brings competition amongst the other game development companies. This is something that is great for us consumers, because that means that the content we receive in the world of gaming, will do nothing but get better and BETTER!

Bungie has made it known that Sony and Bungie share a dream of Bungie’s IP being able to be enjoyed by fans across “multiple platforms and entertainment mediums.” This confirms Sony’s desire to expand its efforts into video games films and TV series such as the upcoming Uncharted movie and The Last of Us television show.

With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Activision, I am sure some people are feeling like world is saying GOTCHA! However Sony has made it clear that they aren’t just going to let Microsoft get the last laugh!

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