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Sony a6000: The Perfect Camera for Streaming?

You know lately I have been thinking about upgrading my current stream camera to something bigger and better.

As you probably already know, one of the HARDEST decisions in this problem is actually deciding on WHICH camera I should upgrade to.

Now overtime I have heard of A LOT of amazing camera brands and series that have been making their way to the grand stage; but one of the cameras I have been told about the most, is the Sony a6000 Camera. So today... we are going to be breaking down the specs and features of the Sony a6000 and see if it is destined to be my next streaming camera!

"The perfect moment, captured perfectly" is a thought that flashes across our minds every time we get ready to snap a photo or catch something special on video.

Well guess what?

It is also the same line that Sony uses to introduce the amazingness of the a6000. The Sony a6000 has a fast hybrid autofocus that combines the strong attributes of the contrast-detection and the phase-detection autofocus. This is what enables the amazing 11fps burst mode while also contributing extremely accurate movement tracking for still pictures AND videos.

Along with the Hybrid Autofocus, Sony has added something called 4D FOCUS. What 4D FOCUS does is enables the already superior autofocus of the a6000 into four dimensions. Those dimensions include the wide auto focus coverage (2D height and width), fast autofocus speed (3D depth), and enhanced predictive tracking (4D time).

In the 4D FOCUS technology, extra steps are taken with the innovative image sensor that is made to analyze both space and time in order to capture moving subjects with amazingly new clarity. This will definitely allow you to take some of the most crisp photos that have ever been taken before.

Now remember me talking about that "Innovative Image Sensor"? Well to start off, most of us know that the bigger the sensor you have within your camera, the better and might I add more beautiful, the picture that ends up being developed.

The Sony a6000 Camera has a APS-C size sensor that offers a far bigger area compared to typical compact digital cameras. This size of a sensor does nothing but bring an outstanding level of quality inside of every image or video. The a6000's APS HD sensor is 20% more sensitive than before, allowing the camera to capture better quality in low-light situations. ALWAYS A PLUS WHEN IT COMES TO STREAMING!

In this day and age of evolving technology and life moving at a faster pace, something that is always important, is to still pay attention to those details, SHARP DETAILS. Well that's exactly what the Sony a6000 brings is SHARPER DETAILS right along side its faster autofocus. Inside of the a6000 is what Sony calls the BIONZ X Processor. WOAH. That even sounds sharper. The BIONZ X Processor has three times the processing speed of the earlier models. It is able to capture textures accurately, reduce the blurry details in an image, as well as suppress the visual noise in order to ensure those sharper images that we love. You can expect these qualities to stand out in both images and videos.

So far I have been impressed with the attributes of the Sony a6000 camera.

Some things in which I was looking for when thinking about which camera I wanted to purchase for my stream setup, included a fast reliable autofocus so that I don't have to worry so much about fixing my image in the middle of a stream session; a camera that would provide me not only with a sharp crisp image, but also displays the ability to produce that same clarity in low light conditions. Of course which may be apparent because streamers do have some areas in their background that may fall under "low light". And of course as the most important quality of the camera, I wanted the features and technology to not only demonstrate the ability to create breath-taking photos, but to also demonstrate that same ability to create breath-taking videos.

To my luck, the Sony a6000 does exactly that. With the Exmor CMOS sensor which gives you a 24.3 MegaPixel APS HD sensor, you can have improved light sensitivity and optimized light gathering as well as having an extremely high ISO range which lets you shoot natural photos and videos in dim or low light, or indoors without a flash. The addition of the BIONZ X image processor finalizes the sweet touch by ensuring the my still image or video is processed with the fastest, most enhanced, and quality filled technology possible.

I would say that the two biggest features that make this camera work magnificently is the astonishing BIONZ X processor with the astounding Hybrid Autofocus. With these two alone, you will never miss the perfect shot, or video. And as I have said previously in this article, I am looking for the amazingness to follow the videos as well. The Sony a6000 ensures that the capabilities of the camera are not limited to the still photos only, but use all of the same technologies to produce the fast focusing and smooth tracking in order to give that professional feel to your video.


Here are some additional features of the Sony a6000:

  • Freeze for dramatic shots that capture the exact expression that you're looking for.

  • Shoot cinematically in Full 1080 HD at 60p or 24p.

  • Lock-on AF to let you delegate the perfect scene.

  • Camera comes in a compact, lightweight design.

  • Smarter viewfinder (OLED Tru-Finder EVF) for better photos.

  • Versatile E-mount interchangeable lens system (HUGE PLUS).

  • Full manual control for creative photography.

  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity to transfer data effortlessly.

  • Smart Remote Control for perfect selfies, group shots, or unusual angles.

After reviewing all of the specifications and features of the Sony a6000 Camera, I must say that I am very impressed. I have decided to go with using this camera as my new stream camera! There are a great deal of upgrades within the Sony a6000 that my current camera does not have. (Especially since it is a webcam).

This will be a big step forward for me. But I do believe that the step is worth it. This camera comes in currently at $549.99 and to be honest, That will be the most that I have ever paid for any camera; but seeing the enormous amount of advanced technology embedded inside of this camera allows me to be comfortable with the amount of money I will be dishing out.

I have made my decision, and I am excited as ever to test the camera out! If you are considering upgrading cameras for your stream or creative photo-taking, I STRONGLY encourage you to check out the Sony a6000, I think you will like what you see!

If you are considering purchasing the Sony a6000 after hearing all the great things about it, just like myself, you can check out pricing and bundles on Amazon by clicking here.


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