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Nintendo Switch Lite release date, price, games and more

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

So.... It has been confirmed that a new Nintendo console is on the way. Yep you guessed it.... its the Nintendo Switch Lite!

Now I know the first question you have is if Nintendo is shutting down the original Switch Console already. And surprisingly their not! The Nintendo Switch will not be replaced by the new console.

The Switch Lite is designed to cater to the gamers who primarily enjoy handheld gameplay.

New Nintendo Switch Lite | Comes In 3 Beautiful Colors.

I am sure you can identify at least one huge feature about the new Switch Lite, and its the fact that its completely handheld. But doesn't this mean it will lack a few features opposed to the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately Yes.

Since the Lite is completely handheld, that means that some games you may be used to will not be able to work on this console.. Or at least not the way you expected. The handheld device will not be able to provide video output to a TV. That means your games will have to support handheld mode.

There Will Be No TV Output For The New Nintendo Switch Lite

However..... don't get too worried because it seems that there will be a feature which will let you wirelessly connect Joy-Con controllers for games that do not support the handheld feature.

The new Switch Lite will have a smaller screen than the 6.2 inch screen on the original Switch. The screen will be a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen, and will have a resolution of 1280 x 720. Even though the Switch Lite will be smaller and lighter, the design pushes for the console to be more compact and convenient.

Now what you all have been waiting for... THE PRICE.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will debut with a price of $199.99 and is expected to release on September 20, 2019.

This works out really well because it will be right on time for the holiday season. As a plus, on November 8, 2019 Nintendo will release a Zacian & Zamazenta Edition console in celebration of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The console will feature cyan and magenta buttons along with illustrations of the new Legendary Pokemon.

So if you are willing to wait, this will make a great Christmas gift!

Nintendo Switch Lite | Zacian & Zamazenta Edition

To be honest I am extremely excited for the release of the new Nintendo Switch Lite.

I think that this will be great for those that may prefer the handheld gaming style, but also this may be a more affordable price point for many consumers that feel the original Switch was a bit too much.

The Nintendo Switch did extremely well and in fact is STILL doing well. Therefore I have no doubt in my mind that the Nintendo Switch Lite will definitely hit its mark.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Releases September 20, 2019

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