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Ninja's Big Move to Mixer Shows He May Be Bigger Than Twitch! 80,000 Viewers First Day!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Alright so if you don't already know the famous live-streamer known as 'Ninja', then please make sure that you subscribe to our tech newsletter so that we can keep you up to date with the world of today!

Ninja, also known as Tyler Blevins, is one of the biggest gaming live-streamers in the world. Most of his rise to stardom was a result of his amazing Twitch streams on the game 'FORTNITE'.

Fortnite is an amazing game of battle royale that many people fell in love with. The game blew up in 2017 and even though it was already a big hit, I would say Ninja had a MAJOR hand in keeping the game relevant.

Fortnite won many awards for being such a popular game, but Ninja also got some major achievements such as winning awards for being the fan favorite e-sports player for Fortnite and fan favorite e-sports player overall.

Now if you follow Ninja you know that he is pretty much the face of Twitch right now. Well at least that's what I think... Ninja also creates content on Youtube, but his legendary live streaming is always found on twitch.

Well a few weeks ago we discovered that Ninja is making a switch from Twitch, to another big streaming platform called Mixer. Mixer is Microsoft's streaming platform that just so happens to be the biggest rival to Twitch.

This was very surprising to hear, seeing that we have been watching Ninja on Twitch for the longest time.

I wonder how it feels to have your star player go to the opposing team?

Anyhow, this is an amazing victory for Mixer. Ever since the news of Ninja's arrival on the streaming platform, there has been a continuous growth to the viewership and overall utilization of Mixer.

This in no way means that Mixer wasn't already flourishing before hand!

I have to admit that I myself have been motivated to switch my personal streaming platform from Twitch to Mixer.

I am definitely exited to witness how Mixer continues to progress from this point on after Ninja's arrival.

I am sure there will be some more huge surprises from the team at Mixer to come in the near future.

So with that being said, you better head on over and subscribe while you can!!!!!!

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