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Will Apple be releasing a self driving 'iMobile' soon??

I know this may sound crazy ... but I wouldn't be too surprised if Apple were to release a car line-up with the title of an 'iMobile' or 'iCar'. Well considering the history of Apple.

The thought crossed my mind yesterday as I learned that Apple confirmed the acquisition of the autonomous driving startup known as Drive.ai.

Drive.ai. Autonomous driving car caught from the side. No driver
Drive.ai Car | Side View

It's funny that this would come across after hearing rumors of Apple trying to configure its own self-driving vehicle project. Maybe this is just all apart of the plan.

It has also been stated that Apple recently hired a number of Drive.ai engineers, which only proves that their plans for creating some form of an Apple Car is definitely still underway.

But wait that's not all...

ANOTHER rumor has it, that Apple could be working on a self-driving campus shuttle service, to aid their employees in getting from point A to point B at work.

Drive.ai. Passenger entering into a self driving car.
Drive.ai Front View | Passenger Entering Self-Driving Car

I'm not sure how soon that self-driving shuttle service can be stamped as official; but at least its good to know that Apple is trying to perfect more than just their already incredible flagship products.

And that idea of the 'iMobile' doesn't sound too far fetched now does it?

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