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Apple AirPods Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Alright guys, so as you may know, Apple has introduced yet another legendary piece of tech to make life so much more easier!

The release of the AirPods Pro has been anticipated for a long time now. Thank goodness that Apple has finally delivered.

But before we tell you to go out and get you a pair, lets go over all the new features of Apple's premium wireless in-ear headphone.

Design And Ease of Use

Now I know that design is a very big factor when it comes to which headphone you would like to purchase, or any new age tech device for that matter.

And if I might add, I believe the design did great for the original AirPods, hence the fact that they became the world's most popular in-ear phone.

But one thing that was a little off was the size, or the way the original AirPods fit in your ear. It was fine, even perfect for most people, but there was a percentage of those who couldn't even really use the AirPods because they didn't fit. And if they did use them, they often times fell out onto the ground ....... because they didn't fit.

Well this time around, I think Apple has found a way to fix the problem.

The AirPods Pro now has silicone tips which significantly improve the fit of the earphone to your ear. And not only that but there are different sized tips to choose from so that you can get the perfect fit for YOU.

The good thing about the silicone tips, is that they are designed in a way to seal your ears from the outside noise. This definitely helps to give you a better listening experience.

And I know .... you are worried about that clogged, pressured feeling that typically comes with this type of in-ear earphone, but SURPRISE!!! There is a mesh vent on each side of the AirPod that equalizes the pressure in your ear, so that you won't even feel your headphones.

This plays well into Apple's intent to provide a customized fit for all day comfort. And according to Apple, the mesh vents will also reduce the noise of the wind when you are on a voice call. Now that's what I am talking about!!!




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Here Are Some Other Small Features That Come With The AirPods Pro:

  • Sweat and Water Resistant.

  • Compatible with Qi-certified chargers.

  • Say 'Hey Siri' to control everything without having to lift a finger.

  • Share songs, podcasts, and other audio streams between two sets of AirPods with Audio Sharing.

  • Connects 'magically' to your iPhone or apple watch.

Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, And Transparency

The AirPods Pro gives you the liberty of having Active Noise Cancellation. Inside the earpiece, there is a inward facing microphone which listens to unwanted sound and actively eliminates it.

Along side that inward facing microphone, we also have an outward facing microphone as well, which also uses anti-noise to get rid of unwanted sound. The whole objective of this is to cancel out any external sounds before you hear it. And by that I mean that your sound is adjusted 200 times per second in order to deliver the perfect sound quality in your ear.

I think this is a great feature because when I listen to my music, personally I like to tune everything out and be totally submerged into the vibe of the music I'm listening to. This is exactly what Apple is shooting for; to give you an experience that lets you feel your music and not your earphones.

They continue to show this with the addition of their "super-efficient" high dynamic range amplifier and the H1 chip. The HDR amp produces a pure, clear sound all while helping to extend battery life. The amp powers the speaker driver in a way that removes any background noise and controls your listening levels.

The H1 chip is what powers everything. It has not one, not two, but TEN audio cores and low latency which work together to provide you with that real-time noise cancellation.

Another amazing thing I love about the AirPods Pro is that they have something called 'Transparency Mode'. Transparency Mode allows you to hold the force sensor, enabling you to hear what's happening around you. Along with that we have something called 'Adaptive EQ' which automatically tunes your music to the shape of your ear, so that you can receive a rich, consistent listening experience.


The battery life on the AirPods Pro in my opinion could be better; like can we have maybe ....... 8 hours? 24 hours? On a full charge you can expect a usage time of only 4.5 hours. With that being said you have the ABILITY to utilize your AirPods over a 24 hour period, but only with multiple charges in the case.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that would like to have more time to listen to their "Pro" wireless earphones.

One thing that I do like is that you can experience a bit of quick charging with the AirPods Pro. With only FIVE MINUTES of charging you can listen to your music for an entire hour. Now even though I wish we had more battery life on a full charge, I have to say that this 'quick charge' feature sounds pretty sweet and efficient.

Price And Availability

The Apple AirPods Pro are available today at a price of $249.00 and you can get your name, initials, or phone number engraved on it for free only at the Apple store.

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I believe that the AirPods Pro will be a magnificent addition to the Apple line up. There is so much to offer with the AirPods Pro and I am positive that many will love the upgrades that come with it.

There was a lot of love given to first two releases of the AirPods as they stood out to be the most popular headphone, so with all the magnificent features and upgrades, there is no way that you should be disappointed with the AirPods Pro!


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