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Apple Ensure's iPhone 5G with latest $1 Billion Intel Deal

Apple is causing us to believe that the release of a 5G iPhone could be much closer than we think. About a week ago Apple began the Acquisition of the majority of Intel's smartphone modem business.

Along with the $1 billion deal, approximately 2,200 Intel employees will be expected to join the big apple and start work on 5G production.

Approx 2,200 Intel employees soon to join Apple

Now I have to be completely honest... I still don't think we will get that 5G iPhone BEFORE 2020, BUT... This does nothing but confirm that we will definitely be getting one.

While Apple will be working hard to get an amazing 5G chip-set built for the iPhone, we can assume this may take some time. As a matter of fact, Apple still has to finish out its 6 - year deal with Qualcomm. This means that its likely we will get a taste of 5G running off of a Qualcomm inspired chip opposed to Intel in 2020.

But on the good side of things this means that Apple can actually use this time make sure that the newer Intel chip is completed with perfection.

Apple is no doubt one of the most popular brands out there, and I love to see when Apple decides to take the next big step.

Apple on track to complete $1 billion Acquisition deal with Intel.

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